It was a labour of love

We formed the Saint Brewing Company with a simple vision: to make a great lager, here in Great Britain. Under our master brewer's supervision, we set about creating a quality product using a special process and the finest ingredients.

There were test-runs, trials and re-trials. We went back to the drawing board more than once. But after two years of development we've crafted a lager unlike any other: an easy drinking premium British lager. It's now produced in small batches, sold through select outlets and enjoyed by cultured drinkers.

Why is saint a new style of lager?

We make Saint in a different way to how most big brewers produce lager. To start with, there's our own unique recipe.

Malted barley, flaked maize, caramelised malt, Saaz hops and water.

We allow these ingredients to naturally and fully ferment, a special method that turns all of the sugar in the raw ingredients to alcohol, producing a refreshing lager with real taste. There’s no heavy industrial treatment. No chemicals, preservatives or pasteurisation. We avoid anything that could damage the flavour. It may take a little longer to produce, but we believe the final result is well worth it.

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