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19th Aug 2013

Sportswear fit for an athlete

Us Brits have had a pretty hot summer so far, but the sweltering temperatures can see our fitness regimes suffer.

Now you can ditch the excuses instead of the exercise thanks to Mountain Hardwear’s range of Cool Q.Zero sportswear.

Designed with professional athletes in mind, Cool Q.Zero reacts with your sweat to activate a cooling agent that lowers the temperature of the fabric and boosts performance so you should be able to exercise for longer too.


13th Aug 2013

Danny Boyle returns to London

The man who brought us Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire and the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony is now adding to his resume with Shuffle – a 10-day arts festival taking place in east London.

Danny Boyle’s Shuffle festival will feature some of cinema’s most celebrated films, a Q&A with the director, three bars, food stalls, buskers, DJs and more.

Oh, and did we mention it’s all going down in an old psychiatric unit?


5th Aug 2013

Five minutes with... Stuart Langley

Stuart Langley is the owner of The Disappearing Dining Club, who create the UK’s coolest and most eclectic pop-up food experiences. We caught up with Stuart to discuss his dream dinner party, British cuisine and his favourite hidden gems.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job?
The freedom I have to make things happen.

You've been responsible for some of the most exciting and memorable food and drink events in the UK. What have been your favourites?
The Rooftop Picnic & BBQ, which is running until August, was thrown together in about five days when we realised the good weather was going to last.

We nailed New Year’s Eve 2012/13. I just stood back and watched with a massive grin on my face as we fed 250 people a six course dinner in one room, 250 people cocktails & canapés in another room, and had 250 people ready to come in and party with us all before midnight.

Describe a typical working day…
I will work from my flat in Borough from about 8.30am and then cycle over the Thames into East London to meet people for about noon. I try and see at least one new potential dinner party space every week and eat at Back in 5 Minutes, our restaurant in a clothes shop on Brick Lane, once a week.  At weekends I'm either involved in one of our dinner parties, or at The Guardian offices in Kings Cross where I teach classes on food start ups.

What is British cuisine to you?
For me British cooking is something that has its roots in the home.  British cooking took a beating from two world wars, rationing, recessions, and it's grown up very quickly.

Name your favourite hidden gems to eat and drink in London.
Red Market on a sunny Friday night, Saltoun Supper Club in Brixton and Keu in Old Street to name a few.

If you could create any event, what would be your dream project?
Wow!  I really want to hook up with the people who run Open House to run dinner parties in some of the spaces that they make available over Open House weekend. I'd also like to host a dinner party that runs across London, all at the same time in amazing public locations; 20 tables of 10 people on rooftops, in gardens, in parks, on the tube, on the Thames, on pavements, in tunnels, in major tourist attractions . . . It would be a logistical nightmare but a real achievement.  We think we can do anything when it comes to making somewhere the perfect place for a dinner party.

If you could share a couple of bottles of Saint with anyone in the world, who would it be?
My business partner and DDC head chef, Fred.  Somewhere hot.  After retiring early.


30th Jul 2013

Beckham or Best?

Mods, casuals, skinheads… a new exhibition at Manchester’s National Football Museum is celebrating 50 years of football and British fashion.

Prior to the ‘60s, footballers were on a maximum weekly wage of £21. When this wage cap was abolished, footballers like George Best and Bobby Moore began living increasingly glamorous lifestyles and suddenly found themselves influencing fashion on the football terraces and further afield.

With iconic photography and items worn by the likes of Sol Campbell and Thierry Henry, this exhibition looks at the intrinsic link between British style and our most popular sport.

So, who gets your vote as the most stylish British footballer of all time?  Share your thoughts with us on Twitter or Facebook.


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